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Orks vs Locusts by Hellsing612
Orks vs Locusts

The instinct to wage war and destroy your enemy is primal and inert. These two races personify that killer instinct perfectly. Which one will win a DEATH BATTLE?

The Orks are destruction and brutal tenacity incarnate. Though they are seen by their enemies as crude and barbaric, they are the most successful race in the entire galaxy. Their numbers are uncountable, always outnumbering and swarming their enemy with a green horde hundreds across. Their entire culture and way of life revolves around waging war with other races, and amongst each other.
All Orks, whether the know it or not, emit a collective psychic energy that grows stronger the more Orks are in the area. This psychic field can stretch light years, calling more Orks of various warbands and tribes into the area for a good fight. Typically lead by a very strong and very big Warboss, this event of unparalleled carnage is known as a "Waaagh!"If a Waaagh! is not killed in it's infancy, it's nearly unstoppable.
One can say the Ork race is held together by spit, ducktape, and luck. This shows very much in their technology and weaponry, which is usually scrap metal bolted together and their weapons are typically salvaged from whatever they can find. At the helm of every Ork army is a Warboss; "da biggest and da strongest" as they would call him. The Warboss is typically guarded by packs of Nobz and Meganobz; bigger Orks with bigger guns and weapons. But the core of any Ork horde are da Boyz; smaller Orks armed usually with pistols, axes, knives, and whatever they can kill the enemy with. Boyz swarm the enemy by the hundreds, using the corpses of their fallen brothers as meat-shields for them the get to their enemy and cut them apart. Spread among the horde are various Orks with different talents. Burna Boyz are armed with flamethrowers, Meks fix machinery and create more destructive weapons, Kommandos sneak behind enemy lines, among many other specialized Orks.
"The best means of attack is defence, an' the best means of attack is a really really big one, right, with lots of Boyz an' dead big shooty things an' what have ya."-Ork Smartboy Derek Zog

Locusts are the most dangerous enemy humanity has ever faced. After a civil war with the Lambent Locust forced them from their underground layers of the Hollow, they waged a tactical genocide against the humans in order to get control of the surface world. All attempts by humanity to negotiate with the Locusts have ended in violent bloodshed.
The majority of the horde is made of Drones; seven foot tall reptilian humanoids willing to give their lives to their Queen, who is the ruler of the Locust Horde. These Drones come in several variants, typically ranging from grenadiers, snipers, and gunners. The elite Therons are stronger and faster than the average Drone, serving as officers in a detachment of Drones. Berserkers are the spearhead of the horde, literally running blind into battle and destroying anything they can touch. Among their foot soldiers, the Locusts use various creatures of many sizes as support and vehicles. Most of their weaponry is crude and salvaged or reversed engineered from the enemy, but they do sometimes make their own, even more powerful weapons.
The most terrifying aspects about Locusts, however, is their unexpected organization. Their attacks are unusually coordinated, striking the enemies most vulnerable points at once. They also have a good grasp on computer technology, using it whenever they can to their advantage. And rather than attacking the enemy head-on, they try to cut off the head of the snake by attacking the leaders and commanders of the enemy. Though at times questionable, their intelligence and resourcefulness in battle is often unexpected. They often use Emergence Holes, or E-Holes, to deliver troops and weaponry directly into battle. However, the Locusts are surprising great at defense, only going on the offensive with the invasion of the surface world on Emergence Day. 
"Frankly, other than the fact that they want to kill every man, woman and child out there, we know nothing about them. We've tagged them Locusts since this degree of death has only been seen in times of plague. They're subterranean in nature. That's obvious. Aside from that, I'm afraid..."-Unidentified Human Scientist
Who do you think will win? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Warhammer 40,000 is property of Games Workshop and Gears of War is property of Epic Games and Microsoft.
Covenant vs. Space Marines by Hellsing612
Covenant vs. Space Marines
Religion is a powerful motivator. Which of these galactic warrior's faith will make them triumph in a DEATH BATTLE?

The Covenant Empire is a theocratic coalition of several alien races spread across the Milky Way Galaxy. Lead by the Prophets of Truth, Regret, and Mercy, their ultimate goal is to activate the Halo rings created by their Forerunner Gods and descend into the "Great Beyond." In order to do this, the Covenant waged a genocidal campaign against humanity, killing millions and destroying several worlds in the process.
The Covenant hold the largest military force in the galaxy. The Elites are proud and honorable tactical generals and the strongest warriors of the Covenant military, creating the backbone of the Covenant Army. Hunters and Brutes serve as shock troops and heavy support, while the Jackals serve the role of scouts and snipers. Grunt are used as main infantry, but they typically scatter when their Elite general is killed in battle.
All of these troops are armed to the teeth with plasma weapons, such as the Plasma Rifle, Carbine, Bean Rifle, Fuel Rod Cannon, and the lethal Energy Sword and destructive Gravity Hammer.
Their vehicles are also something to be feared. The lightning-fast Ghost and destructive Wraith are their man vehicles on land, while the Banshee provides fast air-cover. The near-indestructible Scarab provides transport and support for ground troops. The Covenant's most notorious tactic, however, is called "Glassing", where they incinerate the surface of a planet with plasma, making it uninhabitable and destroying anyone already there.
The Covenant are fiercely loyal to the word of the Prophets, but infighting is somewhat common, mostly between the Brutes and the Elites. Though they are united by their faith, most do not agree on anything else. Despite this, their strong empire drove humanity to the brink of extinction, and united several otherwise warring races under one faith.
"Halo! Its divine wind will rush through the stars, propelling all who are worthy along the path to salvation."-Prophet of Mercy

Space Marines
The Space Marines defend the Imperium of Man and serve the immortal Emperor of Man. Genetically altered and cybernetically enhanced, they are no longer human, for the have advanced unto a new level of evolution. The first 20 Legions established in the 30th millennium, they were personally hand picked by the Emperor of Mankind himself to defend the Imperium and carry out the Great Crusade to unite humanity under the Emperor.However, the Crusade was derailed when Warmaster Horus lead a rebellion against the Imperium. Though Horus was defeated by the Emperor himself, the Emperor's mortally wounded body was confined to the Golden Throne for all eternity, and all the early Space Marine Legions were divided and separated in order to prevent another rebellion.
Now the 41st millennium, several dozen Chapters descending from the First Founding exist across the Milky Way, some more loyal to the Emperor than others. Among the most loyal Chapters are the Blood Angels, the Imperial Fists, and the more common Ultramarines. Each Chapter is individually lead and supplied, all having their own tactics and philosophies. Though they're all different, they all share the same bulky Power Armor, armed with close combat Power Fists and Chain Swords. All Marines carry standard Bolters and Bolter Pistols, along with Meltas and Flamers. Among the heavier weapons are the Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolter, and explosive Krak grenade.
The vehicles is where some of the Space Marines really shine. The Drop Pod brings the soldiers swiftly into battle, while the Razorback and Rhinos provide main troop transport. Dreadnought Walkers and Land Raider tanks provide heavy support, and the fast Bikes and Land Speeders allow the Marines to outflank their enemy.
The Marines' loyalty to the Emperor and the Imperium is unyielding. The almost never retreat, usually fighting to the very last man. They view their Emperor as a God, and coincidentally, many lower humans view the Marines as angels of death, bringing salvation, and sometimes destruction, wherever they go.
"They will be untouched by plague or disease; no sickness shall blight them. They shall have such tactics, strategies and machines that no foe can best them in battle. They are my bulwark against the Terror. They are the Defenders of Humanity. They are my Space Marines and they shall know no fear."-The Emperor of Mankind

Which one will win? Comment and let me know!
Halo is property of Bungie and Warhammer 40K is property of Games Workshop.</b>
I personally enjoy it, but I always see it come under fire, especially Superman vs Goku and Batman vs Captain America. What do you guys think of it?
What do think of the latest manga arc in Bleach? I've heard conflicting opinions on it, ranging from "it's the worst arc yet" to "This is Tite Kubo's best." I really wanna hear your guys opinion on it, and tell me what you think.
If you have any ideas for original Pokemon (or simply a unique typing) feel free to share!
Personally, I'd love to see a Steel/Poison (I don't care about x4 weakness to Ground) and Ghost/Normal.
Merry Christmas... not really, because I'm very late in saying it. All I can say is that I hope you had a good Christmas and you'll have a happy New Year.
I'm not gonna bullshit you guys and say I was busy. I'm lazy... very lazy.
Besides Christmas,  nothing really interesting has happened expect I saw Unbroken. I gotta say, one of the best movies of the year and one of the better World War Two movies I've seen. My only major complaint is that it's rated PG-13. It should have been bumped up to R rating for historical accuracy and realism, and I would not mind the extra violence. Well... I can't say I really blame them for wanting more asses in the seats, this is a story that's needs to be heard.
Anyway, until next time folks.
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